Rose & White Gold Abacus Ring with 3.00 Carats of Diamonds, signed ‰“GEMAYEL”


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SKU: 36379

This is such a fun piece to wear, offering movement, bold style and inspired craftsmanship… it even makes a lovely sound when moved around! Designed as a band style ring that lays flat to the finger, tapering from 3/4 of an inch to 1/4 of an inch wide at the back. The front is decorated with five rows of white gold squares, each set with a brilliant round white diamond and effortlessly sliding to and fro on a white gold track; each block glides with gravity. Size 6 can be resized on request.

Use this ring as an abacus to count your blessings… but not your chickens before they hatch! And if you like it, kindly have a peek at the matching bracelet , also available among our listings!






18k, Gold, Rose Gold, White Gold

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