Rolex Datejust Birch Wood Dial & ‰”Bark‰” Bezel C. 1978

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An unusual and beautiful combination of details make this a rather rare vintage find. The watch is a ref. #16078 Datejust in 18k yellow gold, made circa 1978. This would have been among the first Datejusts offered by Rolex with a sapphire crystal. The dial is made of birch wood and is a softer-than-normal color than its more abundant counterparts. Additionally, the watch has a ‰”bark‰” bezel, adding another layer of interest. Wood dials were not uncommon on vintage Day-Dates, however they are very scarce for Datejusts.

The subtlety of the exotic dial, coupled with the absence of gemstones, result in a fine timepiece that is suitable for a lady or a gentleman and offers ‰”organic chic‰” charm. The watch is accompanied by the original papers. 36mm




Yellow Gold

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