Antique Russian Earrings with Diamonds


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St. Petersburg, C/1899

Made of silver over 14 karat rose gold and decorated with intensely-hued lavender enamel, the earrings are an exceptional display of antique finery and were clearly conceived with masterful skill. Scrolling finials appointed with rose cut diamonds separate the circular diamond-haloed top from its nearly-identical bottom (the bottom distinguished with its sweet flowerlike cluster of diamonds). The earrings measure just over 2 inches long and are a truly gorgeous bit of legitimate vintage treasure.

The earrings boast a full compliment of hallmarks and stamps: the “56…” stamp indicates St. Petersburg 1899 (displaying the city’s coat of arms of crossed anchors and scepter) and the “IP” initials indicate the “workmaster mark,”- they were produced by Faberge artist Julius Alexander Rappoport who was active in his artistic endeavors during 1883-1908.






14k, Rose Gold, Silver

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