The Rolex DeepSea SeaDweller is truly a watch for the adventurer.  Like the Explorer II, Rolex added details and functions that make the DeepSea truly an adventurer’s wristwatch.  Even though the watch is relatively new with a 2008 introduction, the Rolex DeepSea possesses the SeaDweller DNA that goes back to the mid 1960’s and the bottom of the Mariana Trench. The Rolex DeepSea was made for an underwater depth of 12,800 feet below sea level and engineered to survive at depths greater than 100 times what humans can survive.



For DeepSea to function with upwards of three tons of pressure on it, Rolex utilizes a number of innovations not found on any other watch.  Firstly, the most exclusive innovation Rolex utilizes is the Ring Lock system that comprises of a 5mm domed sapphire crystal, a nitrogen-alloyed steel central ring, and a caseback made of grade 5 titanium. These three pieces are designed to become more waterproof as the compression increases, naturally reinforcing the hermetic case seal. The titanium caseback is the first titanium component used in the Rolex line (with the notable exception of titanium cased watches in Rolex’s Tudor line).



Another innovation Rolex found in DeepSea SeaDweller is the Glidelock clasp. Although the same name as the Glidelock clasp found on the Submariners, and the soon-to-be released DeepSea 4000, the DeepSea’s Glidelock clasp is completely different.  Rather than an oyster link compress fitting into one of the ten 2mm notches under found under the Submariner/SeaDweller 4000 clasps, the DeepSea’s toothed rack lifts out of the clasp making for easy adjustments while the watch is still being worn.  This improved Glidelock system makes the DeepSea easily adjustable as wrist diameters change with the day’s heat, or to expand up 20mm to fit over a 3mm dive suit, or with the diver’s extension up to 26mm large enough to fit over a 7mm dive suit.



The Rolex DeepSea is one of Rolex’s largest watches measuring in at 44mm wide and 17mm high.  Only the updated Yachtmaster II has similar proportions.  At 210g, the Rolex DeepSea is 50-60 grams heavier than the stainless GMT, Explorer II or Submariners, but still lighter than the 270g all-platinum Daytona. When matched with the adjustability of the DeepSea’s Glidelock clasp not found on any other wristwatch, any feel of extra weight quickly disappears within a day of wearing it.



Other trademark Rolex mainstays are found on the DeepSea SeaDweller as well. The DeepSea uses Rolex’s venerable 3035 automatic movement with Parachrom hairspring. The 3035 movement is known for its reliability and easy maintenance. Also on the DeepSea is the patented Rolex Triploc crown that threads onto the case like a submarine hatch compressing the interior four rubber seals that keep the watch waterproof.  The DeepSea also utilizes Rolex’s patented Helium escape valve found on the SeaDwellers.  Making the DeepSea a beauty to behold are the Cerachrom ceramic bezel insert that does not fade over time, the Chromalight lume on the white-gold hands and dial dots that contrast well on the slightly black matte watch face.



The Rolex DeepSea SeaDweller is no desktop diver.; -it’s meant to be outdoors surviving whatever punishment and adventure your arm can handle.


-Sheldon Smith