Rolex Green Vignette Diamond Dial Day-Date ref. #1807 with “Bark” Bezel

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This is a most uncommon combination, pairing a ref. #1807- correct for a “bark” bezel Day-Date, with a green pie pan vignette diamond dial. The watch is entirely of original Rolex manufacture and has been beautifully preserved- the case is mint and the dial is beautiful. Green is Rolex’s signature color and green is the most rare of the colors offered in the vignette series, where the color fades very gently from light in the center to darker around the outer edge of the dial. This piece would make an outstanding addition to a collection of Stella dial Rolex watches and would find itself at home with the most discerning of vintage Rolex enthusiasts. 18k yellow gold. 36mm. Circa 1977




Yellow Gold



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