Limited Edition “Warhol” Bracelet with Jade, Emerald, Quartz, Moonstone and Diamonds, signed Seaman Schepps

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Offering an exceptional level of glamour and exclusivity, this bracelet will delight the sophisticate who appreciates the incredible history of the Seaman Schepps brand. This bracelet was inspired by a unique piece created circa 1940 and referenced in the book “Seaman Schepps; A Century of New York Jewelry Design” as having been former property of Andy Warhol. Since the conception of the original, only three additional pieces have been created by Seaman Schepps, each styled according to the particulars of “The Warhol Bracelet”, but with gently individual specifics.

The present bracelet is decorated with 101.84 carats of white quartz, 34.80 carats of moonstone 34.80, 9.91 carats of emerald 9.91, 3.16 carats of white diamond and 73.59 carats of jade. It measures 7.5 by 1.5 inches and is rendered in 18k white gold. The addition of this elite creation to your jewelry wardrobe will render you in very exclusive company.


Green, White


Diamond, Emerald, Jade, Quartz


18k, White Gold

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