Art Deco Filigree Diamond Pin/Pendant on Fitted Chain


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An awe-inspiring art deco original, showcasing all of the detail beloved by devotees of this celebrated jewelry era, this large pendant measures just over 2 inches in diameter. The hand-pierced filigree pattern will dazzle you as you note the accents of piano wire, mill grain and masterful skill that is rarely seen in modern jewelry. The piece is suspended from a diamond bale that can flip down and be concealed when this gorgeous ornament is worn as a brooch, The 15-inch fitted chain is as spectacular as the centerpiece itself, with each diamond-shaped section set in the center with a brilliant round diamond and decorated with similar accents to the pendant. The center old European cut diamond weighs .65 carats and is enhanced by 179 additional old European cuts that weigh 3.40 carats combined. This piece will not go unnoticed or uncomplimented.







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