Pre-Owned Vintage Rolex 1970s Lady Datejust with Red Diamond Stella Dial

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A classic lady Datejust ref. #6917- the most timeless and iconic of Rolex models- enhanced by the exclusive beauty of a Rolex red lacquer “Stella” dial with diamonds. Original examples of these dials represent their own collectable category among vintage Rolex enthusiasts, their vibrant colors will enhance your wardrobe and encourage compliments from both novices and initiated collectors. It is important to note that this is an unaltered original Rolex factory dial with Rolex factory diamonds. 18k yellow gold. 26mm.

Due to the alligator and crocodile strap ban effective in California on 1/1/2020, this watch is no longer being sold on the strap shown. Please contact us for alternate strap selections.




Yellow Gold

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