For many, as being presented a Rolex wristwatch as a gift is rare but special occasion. Unless the family is familiar with Rolex, most non-watch aficionados do not realize how special being gifted a Rolex is for a Rolex watch fan. To plant the seed for a Rolex gift from a spouse or close family member requires a little bit of planning and foresight. Luckily, the staff at Fourtané can help.

The first step is to do a little research on zeroing in on what model. Purchasing a Rolex is similar to purchasing the correct automobile, -there is a mix of personal taste, utility, color, and expense to weigh when selecting the correct Rolex. To be clear, that is where any similarity to purchasing a Rolex and an automobile end. The staff at Fourtané make purchasing a Rolex a very pleasant, low pressure experience. Visit Fourtané or review the Rolex website at to get an idea which model to explore. It is good to zero in on a few models on the Rolex website prior to visiting a dealer because it makes selecting a watch easier. Your research helps from being overwhelmed by all the various models and combinations that Fourtané has in stock.

Additionally, obtain one of the five Rolex magazines and a Rolex catalog to review on your own. Becoming familiar with the various models, their specifications, and their features makes it easier to explain to family members. Passing around a Rolex catalog with an open discussion on which models you prefer is a good way to plant the seed. Distributing a catalog among family members / spouse is what educates others about Rolex as well as allows them to get an idea as to which model(s) you like.

The next step is to visit Fourtané and bring a trusted family member and/or your spouse. Having a family member/spouse along is also part of the education process as it is not only you who gets to try on watches, but accompanying friends as well. The staff at Fourtané will explain the models without giving you a data-dump of details. Try one watch on at a time taking into consideration dial visibility, height on your wrist, weight and size. One trick I have found useful when considering watches is to wear it on your opposite wrist from normal. Wearing on the opposite wrist provides a visual perspective that your brain is not accustomed to viewing, and you get a better sense of the weight and height.

If you are not sure about the fit, ask the Fourtané salesperson to adjust the bracelet making sure that the clasp is centered on the underside of the wrist.

By bringing in family members and/or your spouse into Fourtané, they too get educated on the magnificence and mechanical marvels Rolex watches are as well as a properly planted seed could grow into being a potential watch gift sponsor. It’s rare for these ideas to germinate on their own but with some pre-planning and visits to Fourtané, a Rolex gift is always possible.

But, if a Rolex as a gift doesn’t comes to fruition, don’t fret. With the research done, and the financing options Fourtané has at their disposal, you’ll know what is involved with gifting a Rolex to yourself.

– Sheldon Smith