It is easy to get bamboozled utilizing the Internet to research a high value items such as automobiles, houses, consumer electronics, and even Rolex watches. Researching a product before making an investment is no doubt a good thing to do. Just as you learned when writing research papers in school, your sources matter. Where this is very true is when reading the Rolex consumer reviews on

Unlike other research sources that base their reputation on validity and accuracy, consumer reviews that have no vetting process are highly suspect. Take a look at this review on on a Rolex 18K yellow-gold SkyDweller:

“After I bought this watch a few weeks ago my dog told me it was a waste of money. So after that talk I sold it to multimillionaire in Minnesota. He said it was a great watch after he gave me the money I bought some KFC and it was good.”

Equally non-helpful reviews on the same watch:

“Beautiful watch, kept pretty good time (only off by ten minutes each hour) but I just couldn’t get over the fact that it was just 18k and not 24k. So I returned it and bought a 5 ounce chunk of gold which I now wear around my wrist. It keeps lousy time, but it sure is a conversation starter!”

And these so-called consumer reviews are not only limited to the SkyDweller, but also the Day-Date as well:

“OMFG I LOVE THIS WATCH…! AWESOME! I just purchased this watch, I feel awesome, it was delivered for free in a helicopter and when they rang my house bell it was like christmas, a lot of little elves called Rafael stepped into my house singing a J.Cole song i think it was Workout. By the way.. the 12% discount is awesome, i was able to purchase some great golden toilet paper.”


It’s obvious that the seller re-posts these 4 and 5 star reviews in order the item shows up high in the search rankings. These so-called reviews are re-hashed every few months so that the review date is recent.

There is certainly nothing wrong with researching and potentially purchasing a Rolex from the Internet. Fourtané utilizes to profile our vintage pieces to potential buyers from across the globe. Unlike Amazon, 1stDibs does not have unsolicited customer reviews, bogus rankings, and a search engine that bases results on consumer reviews.

When it comes to purchasing new Rolex watches, it is impossible to purchase via the Internet from an Authorized Rolex Dealer for exactly the reasons that the Amazon reviews highlight. Rolex wants to insure that the prospective buyer is well informed with correct and accurate information, treated well by the dealer, and that the Rolex being sold is unquestionably genuine. The only method for these requirements are met are by prohibiting Rolex dealers from selling online, and to insist that prospective customers come into an Authorized Rolex Dealer. Rolex does not allow for Authorized Dealers to sell via the Internet in order to keep the Rolex buying experience the same at every Authorized Rolex dealer.
Fourtané, as does Rolex, believes that the best place for your Rolex questions are at a Rolex Authorized Dealer like Fourtané.

– Sheldon Smith