As one of the most favored sources for fine vintage timepieces, there are several questions which are frequently posed to us about the vintage watches we sell. To save you the trouble, we thought we would answer the most common “FAQs” here:

What does “vintage” mean?

Vintage usually refers to watches that are thirty years old or older. It can also mean models that are discontinued, have unique features special identities or are otherwise unusual in some way. Most examples will have plastic crystals.


How reliable/accurate are these watches?

When asked this question at Fourtané, we often make the comparison between vintage timepieces and vintage cars; there is no reason you cannot drive a car from the 1950s or 1960s every day, however, it would be a shame to do so recklessly, especially with a car that is well-preserved for its age. That being said, Rolex was designed to function in extreme conditions and even the vintage models are suitable for normal, daily wear.

These watches have all been serviced by a Rolex-certified master watchmaker and are functioning properly, however, there is no guarantee of supreme accuracy. This is the nature of vintage watches. Customer’s expectations of the performance of these watches needs to be realistic.

A new Rolex watch is expected to keep time and be accurate to within plus two or minus three minutes per month. With vintage it is acceptable for the timing to be within plus or minus five minutes per day, although many models will perform better than this.


What kind of warranty accompanies these watches?

Fourtané warranties all vintage watches for a period of one year from the date of purchase. This includes mechanical failure provided the damage has not been caused by the wearer. If there has been trauma to the watch, from being dropped, over-wound or other carelessness, Fourtané will be pleased to repair the watch, however, there will be a charge to the client for this service.


What kind of care do these watches need?

The most important thing to do with your vintage Rolex timepiece is keep the winding crown screwed down tightly. This prevents moisture and dust from entering the case and damaging the movement. Assuming this is done, these watches should only need to be serviced, on average, every five years, however, allow your watch to let you know when it needs servicing. If it begins to run fast or slow, is difficult to wind or stops, this is anindication it needs servicing.

How do you know these watches are real?

Fourtané is among the world’s leading and most respected expert in both authenticating vintage Rolex and offers the most important collection of historical Rolex timepieces for sale. Fourtané is also one of the largest authorized dealers of new Rolex watches in the US.