Square Case “Cioccolatone” Vintage Rolex #4645 Automatic with Pink Dial

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The case of this rare Rolex time piece has been described as being shaped like a square of chocolate, so the model has come to be known as “Cioccolatone”. An exquisite novelty, Rolex created very few square-cased watches and this is among the most intricate and detailed. Beyond, this example has been spared from any polishing, has a chronometer-rated automatic movement and retains its original pink dial, making it among the finest examples one could expect to find. We may never see its equal. The case measures 31 x 31mm when not accounting for the lugs. If the lugs are added to the total, the measurement becomes 39 x 31mm. Circa 1950’s

This watch is not accompanied by any accessories.


Stainless Steel

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