Victorian Tri-Color Gold Bangle Bracelet


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This exceptional Victorian creation is made of 18 karat yellow, white and rose gold. The impressive craftsmanship tells the tale of the nearly lost art of truly hand making jewelry during a time where it might have taken a month or longer to render just this one piece. The detail is remarkable, as is the level of preservation. Each section of the bracelet is decorated with engraving, texture, high polished edges and lifelike floral designs that remain in extraordinary condition for their age. Clearly, this piece was highly valued by its original owner and was well cared for.

The bracelet measures nearly 2.75 inches wide at its widest and tapers to .75 inches at the back side. It has an interior diameter of 7 inches and each section is hinged, allowing for comfortable, gentle flexibility. It will be accompanied by an antique presentation box. Circa 1880, French

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