Victorian Gold and Coral Pin/Pendant & Earrings Suite


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Classic Victorian charm, rendered in 14k yellow gold with matched coral accents. It is becoming increasingly rare to find these sets intact, however, this suite is impeccably-preserved and, with the over-one-hundred-year-old patina, is perhaps even more handsome today than when it was originally conceived. The centerpiece functions as a brooch (fitted with a pin back) or a pendant, with a small loop in the back. The earrings and pin/pendant offer swaging movement from their bearded golden fringed bottoms. This suite was likely made in the USA. The earrings measure 2.5 inches long, including the ear wire and the pin/pendant approximately 2.25 inches by 1 inch. The intricate scrolling design lends much interest to these gorgeous antiques. Circa 1880

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