Victorian Emerald & Diamond Bracelet with Locket Back


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SKU: 45175

An exceptional example of antique finery, the bracelet is made of 18 karat yellow gold and decorated with a cross-shaped cluster of intense green emeralds and rose cut diamonds. The emeralds exhibit magnificent color that is striking and beautiful. The emeralds weigh approximately 1.50 carats combined. Appreciate the flexible design of the bracelet and its lovely hand. Look behind the centerpiece and find a concealed locket, ready to cleverly conceal your favorite relic. The piece has a circumference of just over 6.5 inches and is finished with a safety chain. It is just over 1.25 inches wide at its widest.

This is a truly fine piece of handmade antique jewelry that would made a handsome addition to any well-appointed collection. It is offered in an antique presentation box.

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