Pre-Owned “Turning Tropical” Vintage Rolex “UDT 11” Military Submariner ref. #5513

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A special watch for the military horology enthusiast, this ref. #5513 Submariner was former property of a member of the US Navy’s “Underwater Demolition Team”. This elite team eventually evolved to become today’s Navy SEALs. Engraved on the case back are the initials “UDT 11” and “Miller SJ”, the name of the former owner. Beyond the provenance, the watch is a handsome example, boasting an original dial that is beginning to fade and turn tropical, as well as its original insert and hands. The luminous on the hands has been restored at some point. Circa 1966

We are not selling this watch as unpolished and it is not accompanied by any accessories.


Stainless Steel

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