Rolex Pink Gold “Brick” Dial & Bracelet UFO Precision ref. #9106

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“The brick dial is exceptionally rare”- Josh Bonifas. So-called “brick” bracelets are the most rare and desirable vintage bracelets and were offered on Rolex’s most exclusive models, such as early Day-Dates and the Dato Compax “Jean Claude Killy” models. The watch offered here not only boasts a brick bracelet in rose gold- which is exponentially more rare than its yellow gold counterparts- but also a fitted brick dial. The elegantly elongated index markers have a single facet that mirrors the style of the original hands, creating a reflective surface to augment the legibility of the dial while maintaining the monochromatic look. The bracelet is stamped “3/57”, indicating it was installed in the third quarter of 1957, just prior to being offered for sale. The thin case has a 36mm diameter, but wears a bit larger, and houses a manually-wound movement.

This “UFO” dress watch design is a rarity in itself and this piece represents an opportunity to make an extremely handsome and rare addition to your collection. The watch is in mint original condition and even the most discerning of enthusiasts will be impressed.




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