Pre-Owned Rolex Lady Datejust ref. #6517 with Original “Stella” Dial

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This classic lady Datejust is the most timeless and iconic of Rolex models, however this is a most uncommon example. The rarity is enhanced by the exclusive beauty of a Rolex red lacquer “Stella” dial. Original examples of these dials represent their own collectable category among vintage Rolex enthusiasts; their vibrant colors encourage compliments from both novices and initiated collectors. Beyond the dial, the watch itself is of note- a rare reference #6517 in 18 karat white gold with a uniquely textured bracelet. This piece was created for the Middle Eastern market and is, indeed, a special combination. It is important to note that this is an unaltered original Rolex factory dial. 26mm. Circa 1969

We are not selling this watch as unpolished.

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