Rolex Blue Vignette Diamond Dial “Bark” Finish Day-Date ref. #18248 with Papers

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Rolex discontinued the “vignette” dial years ago, but the allure of this color gradient dial has continued to fascinate collectors and these watches have remained sought-after in the vintage market. A similar ombre style dial was recently introduced by Rolex for the new 2019 Day-Date 36mm and we anticipate this will create even more interest in the original vignette dials. In addition to the beautiful dial, which remains in excellent condition, the watch is noted for its textured “Bark” finish and German day wheel.

This watch remains in mint original condition and has recently been serviced at Rolex. A copy of the service record will accompany the watch, as will the original warranty paper. The watch was first sold in Germany in November of 1996. 18 karat yellow gold. 36mm.

We are not selling this watch as unpolished.

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