Once-in-a-Lifetime Micro-Mosaic Etruscan Locket


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Dare we say “museum quality”? In its original box, this is truly among the finest, most beautiful antique pieces we have had the pleasure of discovering and it is suitable for the most discerning of antique collectors. Rendered in 18k yellow gold, with an incredible micro mosaic floral portrait centerpiece, a fitted micro mosaic bale and six micro mosaic stations at the compass points. Extensive granulation, layers of finery and a dazzling display of skill combine to culminate in this masterpiece. But wait… there’s more! Turn the piece over and the back is as gorgeous as the front! It’s a brilliant exhibition of golden wirework, resulting in a symmetrical maze of filigree. The back side has pearls stationed at the compass points and the center piece opens with a single hinge to reveal a locket. This could be suspended from a gold antique chain, a satin ribbon or cord… or simply squirreled away and treasured for its outstanding beauty.

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