Laurent Ferrier Montre Ecole Stainless Steel

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“Mr. Laurent Ferrier, as is evident from the memes that inform his timepieces, appreciates the classic examples of fine watchmaking from the 19th century, when man and machine, rather than man, machine and computer, created these marvels of miniaturisation. He recalled his very first creation as a watchmaker: the School Piece, or “Montre Ecole”.

Mr. Ferrier’s efforts have given us a new 40 mm three-piece bassiné case, its form enhanced by two satin bands, with a matte finish to contrast with the polished. The competing-yet-harmonious surfaces emphasise the curved shape and balance of the piece, assisting the eye in appreciating the subtlety of the curvatures. Straight, thin lugs were developed to offer another contrast of the modern and the traditional, the “pastille” end-piece decoration mirrored by the winding crown.”

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