Pre-Owned Lady’s Vintage Rolex Datejust with Bark Finish and Lapis Lazuli Dial

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A special find for the lover of all things rare and fine, this lady Datejust ref. #69278 boasts an original Rolex factory “bark” finish on its bezel and President bracelet (#9235F). The bark finish is rarely found on lady’s watches and augments the vintage character with a bit of retro styling. However, the dial is the most exciting detail. Rolex’s stone dials are ever-collectable and this particular example exhibits the color everyone favors- rich, royal blue. Further note the patina on the case, which can only be achieved form years of storage. This is a gorgeous and exciting find! 26mm. This watch is not accompanied by any accessories. Circa 1983


Yellow, Blue


18k, Yellow Gold



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