Pre-Owned First Model Vintage Rolex Day-Date ref. #6611B with Gay Freres Bracelet

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A glamorous vintage treasure rendered in 18 karat yellow gold, the reference #6611B was the first Day-Date model introduced and hallmarks the beginning of a legacy that continues to be celebrated today. This example is noted for its original “Swiss Only” dial and stylized “dauphine” hands, however the most exciting feature is the bracelet. Gay Freres made bracelets for multiple esteemed brands, most notably for Rolex and Patek (you will frequently find such bracelets on the PP ref. #2526). This impeccably-preserved bracelet is stamped “57” and tremendously augments the appeal of this handsome classic, elevating the aesthetic and making this a unique discovery. 36mm. Circa 1959


Yellow Gold

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