Diamond, Citrine, Enamel & Peridot Nymph Motif Pin/Pendant, signed Masriera


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Since 1839, Masriera has been creating ultra-feminine fine jewelry with a unique style that is exclusive to this esteemed brand. Devotees immediately recognize the hallmarks of these timeless art nouveau-inspired accessories: sandblasted 18 karat gold, often incorporating organic themes such as creatures, fairies and foliage, accented with brilliant diamonds and colored gemstones and “plique a jour” enamel. This specialized process allows light to stream through the enamel, creating an ethereal glow. The result is finely detailed and truly beautiful wearable works of art.

This pendant measures 4 inches tall and 2 inches wide. It is decorated with diamonds, a peridot and a citrine, as well as Masriera’s signature plique a jour enamel. The back is fitted with a pin, as well as attached hooks, allowing the piece to be worn as a brooch or pendant.


Citrine, Diamond, Peridot


Yellow Gold

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