Cartier Rare Lady’s Yellow Gold and Lapis Lazuli Bracelet Watch circa 1972


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A fantastic accessory for she who has affinity for all things exclusive. Being that the piece was manufactured by Cartier and sold at their Paris store, each element has been assembled with exceptional detail. Cartier has used the finest lapis, with strong, striking color. Each disk is uncracked and unblemished, set in textured bezels of 18k yellow gold and finished with hooked end pieces. The center watch measures 22 millimeters in diameter and the lapis disks taper gently to 19mm. The watch is in overall incredible condition and represents incredible vintage style that is even more relevant today that at its conception. It has a manual-wind movement and measures 7.25 inches in overall length. The piece bears French hallmarks, the Cartier serial number and date of sale mark. This is truly a treasure of rare beauty.




18k, Gold, Yellow Gold

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