Item No. 30883

BOLD "Sabbadini" Hand-Textured Bangle with Orange Sapphires


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BOLD "Sabbadini" Hand-Textured Bangle with Orange Sapphires - This bold expression of craftsmanship is a testament to the talent of this artist. 18k yellow gold with black rhodium and a gorgeous scrolling under gallery, the bracelet opens with a hinge on either side and is decorated with intense orange sapphires. Belly-crawling across the top at the crest is a hand-textured feline beast made of sterling silver. Muscles bulging, emerald eyes sparkling and with an open-mouth snarl, he grips the bracelet with sharpened claws and lays, poised to spring forth and capture his pray. The oval opening measures 2 x 2.25 inches. The creature roses 1 3/8 inches off the top of the bracelet.

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