Item No. 29223

Antique Victorian Silver-over-Gold Ring


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Antique Victorian Silver-over-Gold Ring - You can always take an old piece of jewelry and make it look new, but you can't take a new item and give it the antique look and provenance that is so desirable about this ring. It possesses a look that is very chic today and often emulated, this ring, however, is the real deal. Its antique nature is apparent, the silver over the 18k yellow gold has blacked with time and provides striking contrast between the vibrant yellowish orange hue of the citrine and white sparkle of the diamonds against a blackened backdrop. It's this contrast that helps these fine stones pop! With that said the size and nature of this beautiful antique citrine is most impressive, measuring a substantial 26.34 carats. Because of the mass of the center stone larger diamonds are necessitated for this classic diamond "halo" design, twenty-eight diamonds encompassing the citrine. The overall proportions are fantastic and pleasing to admire, altogether making this simply an incredible ring to look at!

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