40 Inch Pearl, Enamel & Gemstone Necklace, signed Bulgari


Available in store.
SKU: 46611

Sophisticated in its design and conception, this marvelous Bulgari creation has an exceptionally luxurious hand and fanciful aesthetic. With style notes taken from the 1920s flapper fashions, the design is cultivated of pearls and beads of onyx, carnelian and calcedony coupled with multi strands of pearls, enameled end caps and golden rondelles. The resulting piece is restrained in its absence of diamonds, yet looks important enough for royalty. The necklace measures 40 inches and can easily be worn wrapped twice around the neck. A 12 inch section is removable, allowing for even greater variety of style. All findings are made of 18 karat yellow gold and the piece is signed on the tongue of one of the clasps.

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