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Mammoth Tusk 2.61 Carat Cultured Fancy Vivid Orange Yellow Diamond Custom Earrings


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Conceived as a collaboration between Fourtane and Trianon, this truly unique creation is distinctive and, indeed, one-of-a-kind. The mammoth tusk mountings have been custom-designed to showcase the alluring beauty of the cultured fancy colored center diamonds. GIA describes the diamonds as exhibiting fancy vivid orange yellow color. The two cultured round brilliant diamonds weighs 2.61 carats in total.

The diamonds are set in 18k yellow gold and the mammoth tusk is mounted in yellow gold. This artful creation offers a stunning balance between the glamour of a fancy cultured diamond with the organic and unexpected luxury of tusk. The earrings are currently clips, however, we are pleased to add a post if needed. We can also work with you to design a similar custom mounting for a special pair of diamonds or other gemstones of your choice. The possibilities are endless!

A cultured diamond is a diamond that is cultivated. Similar in nature to cultured pearls, the process of culturing diamonds uses modern technology to mimic the means by which diamonds are grown in the earth. The result is a genuine, GIA-certified diamond that is identical in physical appearance and character to a mined diamond and possesses the same brilliance, sparkle and fire. The intense colors exhibited by these breathtaking diamonds are augmented by their superior clarity. Cultured diamonds are an innovative alternative to traditional mined diamonds. They are affordable, sustainable and unquestionably conflict-free.

The settings for these exclusive stones have been custom-designed by Fourtane Jewelers in partnership with Trianon New York. These are American original, imaginative creations with sophisticated style. The sculpted mountings enhance the allure of the cultured fancy colored diamonds with the organic beauty of a natural stone settings. Each piece is signed and numbered.


White, Yellow




18k, Gold, Yellow Gold

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