Rolex 31mm Diamond Bezel Stella Dial 1980s Datejust

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This is an exceedingly rare combination and is possibly a unique piece that would be at home with the most initiated of collectors. Stella dials are uncommonly found on 31mm Rolex timepieces to begin with, yet this watch offers additional layers of interest. The dial color is striking and a bit darker turquoise than other examples we have encountered. It is important to note that not only is this an original Rolex factory dial, but all of the diamonds are also of Rolex factory origin and original to the watch. There is a bit of minor cracking in the lacquer around the outer edge of the dial around the 2- and 6 o‰’clock position. The watch is priced accordingly. Offered with the original Jubilee bracelet #6311. 31mm. Circa 1982

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