18.90 Carat Art Deco Diamond Bracelet with Emerald “Leaves”

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Whimsical, exceptionally fine and brilliant as can be, this incredible original art deco creation is a genuine masterwork and will impress the most discerning of eyes. Centered upon an old European brilliant diamond of 1.90 carats (the diamond grades J/Si) that sits in a marquis-shaped frame, the bracelet is heavily embellished with an additional 17 carats of assorted white diamonds and the design comes full-circle with marquis leaves of cabochon emerald. Note the open filigree, mill grain, and elevated level of workmanship that is rarely seen with modern jewelry. This piece is a masterpiece. The bracelet measures 6 ¾ by ¾ of an inch wide. It would be at home in a museum’s showcase… but its beauty is best served displayed on the wrist of an appreciative collector of finery. Naturally, the bracelet is made of platinum. Circa 1930’s


White, Green


Diamond, Emerald



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