In the 1970s Rolex hit their groove manufacturing exotic dial and bezel combinations, utilizing unusual materials and color schemes to build on the monumental success of their Day-Date (c/1954) and Datejust (c/1945) models. Today these vintage watches are more desirable than ever. Notably among these rarities the vintage Rolex wood dial continues to appeal to the uninitiated and expert alike. There just seems to be something intoxicating about a natural wood dial on a classic Rolex watch.


In Photo: Birch Wood, Mahogany, Walnut
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Here for example is the Rolex Day-Date and Datejust models in their iconic Burl Wood, all stunning examples of the special and rare combination of nature and technology. Showing left to right, the 18K Gold Date Just from 1978 displays a beautiful Burl Birch dial encircled by a “bark” finish bezel and the dapper Jubilee bracelet. Next, the Stainless Steel Datejust, vintage 1984, exhibits a rich Burl Mahogany Dial surrounded by an 18K White Gold fluted bezel, also including the Jubilee bracelet. Finally, the pinnacle piece: the 18K Gold Day Date from 1980. This incredible time machine is presented with a luxurious Burl Walnut dial, outlined by a “bark” finish bezel, and the ultimate President bracelet also with a “bark” finish in the center links.