Opal…the modern name of the gem opal is derived from ancient sources: the Sanskrit Upala which means “precious stone, “the Latin Opalus & Greek Opallios which both mean “to see a color change.” In ancient times, the Greek thought opal to be “the tears of Zeus.” And, of course, it is the birthstone of October.

Opal is a gem-quality form of hydrated amorphous silicon dioxide. Opals were formed during the Mesozoic period of Earth’s history beginning 250 million years ago. They formed in desert areas with strong seasonal rainfall and rocks rich in silica like volcanic ash and some sedimentary rocks.

Black opal, in particular, is the most prized and increasingly rare and valuable type of opal. The top grade black opal is found only in Lighting Ridge, located in New South Wales, Australia.

Due to its iron oxide and carbon content, black opal has a dark body tone which gives greater intensity to the gem color. Opals display all colors of the rainbow in an amazing moving diffracted color pattern known as the “play of color.”

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