Buckle jewelry became quite popular in the 19th century, during the Victorian Era. The belt/buckle represents eternity, fidelity/loyalty, strength and protection. The symbol curves around and threads back onto itself, creating an eternal loop.


When the buckle is worn as a ring, it is tight around the finger. The sentiment of love becomes a part of the body, creating that bond of eternal love around the very person (who becomes the symbol). With this symbol, loyalty and fidelity relates to the tightness of the eternal love motif that the wearer promotes through their keepsake.


The buckle/belt motif relates back to this unbreakable strength of upholding loyalty and in turn, a memory forever. The eternal loop is combined by the strength with which it holds up the virtue it contains. When related to the family, a loved one who is lost would ordinarily break down the family and cause grief and sadness. However, presentation of this symbol from a loved one as a representation of the person who has passed away only intensifies the eternal strength and love for the person, including the strength of the family to stay together. The symbol also relates to love tokens as the eternal loving strength can also be applied to the living. This is a symbol that is all-encompassing.



In addition to the Victorian Era, the buckle/belt motif continues to be an important design element used in modern jewelry. At Fourtané, we showcase both modern and Victorian buckle/belt jewelry.