Inasmuch as Rolex focuses upon professional, sport and men’s’ watches, Rolex also places as much emphasis, research, and attention to their women’s line of watches as well.  At Baselworld 2015, Rolex introduced two new women’s models, the Lady DateJust 28, and the DateJust Pearlmaster 39.  Both of these watches illustrate how Rolex is varying the sizes of their watches to match the wearing tastes of women from around the globe.  Both models initially debuted as smaller versions, but BaselWorld 2015 brings them in slightly larger sizes and with new technologies and refinements that make them stand out from their older siblings.


The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Lady – DateJust 28 sits in the middle of the Lady DateJust – Pearlmaster size lineup.  The Lady DateJust and Pearlmaster line ranges from 24mm through 34mm.  This latest version of the DateJust 28 is not as simple as being 2mm larger than the 26mm version, but rather it debuted with Rolex’s new calibre 2236 released at BaselWorld 2014.  Calibre 2236 utilizes Rolex’s new Syloxi silicon hairspring in the balance wheel making the escapement even more anti-magnetic, and providing 55 hours of power reserve.  The Lady DateJust 28 also utilizes Rolex’s new Paraflex shock absorbers providing greater shock protection.  The calibre 2236 movement performs well surpasses COSC’s  -4/+6 seconds chronometer standard, and earns Rolex even more stringent timing certification.

The Lady DateJust 28 is available in 18ct yellow or Everose gold or 950 platinum and available with a President bracelet with ceramic inserts in the link pins to prevent premature wear, or the newly redesigned Jubilee bracelet.  The new Jubilee bracelet utilizes flatter links making it lower profile.  Additionally, both the Jubilee and President bracelets have a concealed attachment from beneath the bezel that insures seamless visual continuity between the bracelet and the case.



The Lady DateJust 28, and the Day-Date 40 (covered earlier on the Fourtané blog) are not the only two Rolex wrist watches to see movement improvements, but the DateJust Pearlmaster 39 debuted with Rolex’s new calibre 3235 as well as new color gradients in the sapphire inlaid bezel.  The Rolex 3235 utilizes Rolex new Chronergy escapement, and high capacity thin walled winding barrel giving the Pearlmaster 39 a whopping 70-hour power reserve.  Essentially, the calibre 3235 is a date-only version of the calibre 3255 found in Rolex’s new Day-Date 40 (reviewed earlier.)  Like the Lady DateJust 28, the Pearlmaster 39 well surpasses COSC chronometer standards and Rolex’s chronometer certificate.

The Rolex Pearlmaster 39 sets itself apart from other Rolex women’s wristwatches as it utilizes a rounded corner, more feminine version of the Lady DateJusts. Both the case and the bracelet do not possess the edges found in the rest of the DateJust line.  The Pearlmaster 39 sets itself apart with a distinctive five-link Pearlmaster bracelet.  The Pearlmaster 39 is only available in 18 ct gold and showcases Rolex impressive gem-setting capabilities by incorporating diamonds and colored sapphires in the bezel and bracelet links.


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– Sheldon Smith