Without question, the safest place for your Rolex is on your wrist.  Rolexes are designed to withstand the rigors that come with adventure, exploration, yet is fitting at the theater or opera. Despite how Rolex feels at home in almost every situation,  there are times though when you have to carry or store your Rolex rather than wear it. Some own multiple Rolexes, which while traveling can become cumbersome when traveling with them safely.  Rolex watches that are made out of precious metal, it is sometimes best to remove it and wear a beater watch in the same vein that people wear beater clothes, shores, or use beater automobiles when scratches or dings don’t matter.


When not wearing your Rolex traveling while traveling, the first thing you want to do is protect the crystal and the caseback.  Both are prone to being knocked while inside luggage, and covering them is a necessity. I normally put a piece of microfiber cloth on the caseback to prevent scratches from the bracelet and clasp prior to putting inside any type of watch case.


While traveling, there are a number of schools of thought on where to store your Rolex.  Some travelers utilize watch rolls similar to jewelry rolls where a cloth lined with pockets holds your watch(es), and rolls up protecting the watches while stashed in your luggage or travel bag.  Other travelers take an old sock and put their Rolex inside and stuff into a shoe prior to packing it into their luggage.  The drawback with using a sock is that it can it is easily confused with something that can be dropped, or tossed.  Other travelers  have used eyeglass cases, but there too, can easily be mistaken for something that is not carrying an item that costs well into four-digits.



Perhaps one of the best cases used for carrying a Rolex is one that is made by Rolex.  Rolex carry pouches were initially developed for Rolex service –when a customer would pick up their newly serviced watch from Rolex, they would receive their watch and a carry pouch.  Unlike a sock or eyeglass pouch, this case clearly says that there is a watch inside.  The pouch contains an insert to slip between the bracelet clasp and the caseback to prevent scratches, and there is soft velvet suede that protects the crystal.  Although it is not a hard case, it is a great pouch to carry your watch in your pocket, briefcase.  Rolex service pouches can be had at any Rolex Service Center, or via a simple search on eBay.



Another case that is popular are the ones made by Oakley. Mostly known for their sport and prescription glasses, Oakley also produces a sport/fashion watch line. Oakley watch cases are fantastic semi-hard cases that will hold a Rolex well.  The Oakley case pictured here shows a stainless, Omega Speedmaster.  This type of case keeps the bezel, crystal, and caseback protected and the case won’t be confused with an old sock.


There are plenty of other ways to carry your Rolex, but these two cases are inexpensive and have served me well.

– Sheldon Smith