Things are looking up for women’s watches especially with Rolex.  Women’s Rolex models are not necessarily smaller versions of men’s pieces, but rather designed and marketed expressly for women.  Rolex has known for a long time that how men look at watches and how women perceive watches are two completely different mindsets.  I guess this would be the watch world’s version of John Gray’s “Men are from Mars and women are from Venus.”


It’s no secret that the watch industry is glacially slow in design, development and distribution, but despite this tradition in the industry, demand for women’s watches from high-end Swiss brands has grown despite the development cycle, according to Larissa Trew, publisher of Eve’s Watch an online magazine devoted to the women’s watch industry. Women luxury buyers research online, want to see 360 degree views, and expect engagement from either the website or the retailer. Women are not going to automatically gravitate to patronizing smaller, diamond studded versions of men’s watches. If anything, celebrity female tastemakers grace magazine covers wearing men’s watches. The important thing, according to Kirsten Crisford of Seiko UK is that watch companies need to provide variety of models and types.



Rolex has no problem with variety. With taste’s changing towards larger watches, many women are wearing either new or vintage Rolex DateJusts. The Rolex DateJust with a 36mm face is a great crossover watch because the stainless steel versions are light, price point is accessible for many, have a variety of watch faces and colors and possess the same time-tested durable features as the rest of the Rolex line.  Rolex Air-Kings are a favorite by many women because of the slightly smaller men’s size at 34mm, and is available in as many metals and watch faces as the DateJust line.  The Air-Kings also do not have the complexity of a date window and cyclops lens.  Many women though have been gravitating to the Rolex Daytona as the go-to, to be seen wristwatch.  The Rolex Daytona is large at 40mm, but wears small as it rides low on the wrist and does not stick out like a strapped on stopwatch like some of the other Rolex sport models.



Specifically designed for women, Rolex has the PearlMaster line featuring a similar movement and date window as the DateJusts, but it stands apart with its rounded corners, soft lines, and a choice of metal, stones, and watch faces.  Initially rolled out in 1992, Rolex just updated the PearlMaster with a 34mm size like the Air-King and fitted it with Siloxi silicon hairspring making it the first Rolex model utilizing silicon.  34mm stands out as the size that is slightly larger than a traditional women’s watch at 29mm but not so large that it doubles as a men’s watch.



One of the great things about Fourtané is that they have a complete selection of both men’s and women’s watches, as well as vintage Rolex that will suite anyone.  As one of the world’s most imitated and copied product, Rolex’s design atheistic will compliment any women’s wrist.  A well-cared vintage Rolex looks just as good as a new model, and presents well on any woman’s wrist, but we’ll save the vintage Rolex topic for another article.

-Sheldon Smith