Why buy a Rolex Watch? For those folks considering treating themselves to a new watch, navigating the choices can be overwhelming. The global marketplace is flooded with offerings, each watch brand competing with the next and making claims of supremacy. The most rudimentary part of selecting your timepiece is making certain it is pleasing to your eyes when you look at it. A wristwatch has the unique distinction of being one of the few accessories at which we are nearly obligated to glance multiple times throughout the day… but beyond aesthetics, why choose Rolex?


Since Rolex’s inception in 1902, Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex, was intent to produce the best possible timepiece, regardless of price. He was also a generous philanthropist and was committed to the advancement of exploration, conservation and innovation. The company has adhered to this philosophy for over a century and has not waivered from this creed.


Rolex was the first company to produce a water-proof watch (and is still the only watch company which makes watches which are water-proof, not water resistant). It was also the first company to produce a wristwatch that had an automatic movement and a calendar. Since then, the company has continued to make noteworthy strides in superior watchmaking, inventing new materials and techniques which improve their iconic designs. As a result, the Rolex brand is valued higher than any other watch brand and their watches hold their value incredibly well.


Over the past century Rolex watches have been subjected to and endured numerous environmental obstacles, having been used during historical milestones such as Mercedes Gleitze’s swim across the English Channel, Sir Edmund Hillary’s ascent of Mt. Everest, and the 1967 bathyscaphe “Trieste” dive to the deepest depth in the ocean. A Rolex watch is designed to be beautiful, durable and to keep time regardless of temperature, position, pressure, shock or altitude.


Today, Rolex and Patek Phillipe are the only two watch companies which are independently owned, and produce all of their own components. Rolex takes this one step further by alloying their 18 karat gold alloys in a private foundry and exclusively using 904L- a “super alloy” stainless steel which is three times harder and more resistant to corrosion than surgical steel. There is not one element of a Rolex timepiece which is not made exclusively by and for Rolex. This autonomy allows Rolex the freedom to manage their production and their profits as they choose, without having to meet sales quotas or answer to shareholders. Since Hans Wilsdorf, there have only been three others to lead the company as President and they have all continued to stand by the principles established by Mr. Wilsdorf. In accordance with this great integrity, Rolex encourages and rewards individuals who contribute to their communities and the wider world.


The quality and workmanship of a Rolex watch is truly extraordinary and the company’s esteemed reputation well deserved. Before choosing anything else, take a moment to read about the Rolex Institute and visit a authorized Rolex jeweler like Fourtane to have a look at the numerous Rolex models available. Chances are, you will be inspired… and make the right choice!